Dislodging jockey Mark Zahra on the way to the barriers at Ballarat on Sunday was no concern for Ammoudi Bay. In fact it may have just aided to his winning chances as the little prelim took the edge off Ammoudi Bay which then allowed him to settle just off the speed.

Ammoudi Bay is racing in terrific fashion for a horse who has been in work just shy of nine months. The paddock environment, our facilities at home as well as transferring him between our Warrnambool and Ballarat stables has been the key to Ammoudi Bay staying in work for that length of time and still continuing to race well. He is a horse with a few little quirks but generally he is a pretty easy to get along with.

After his win at Ballarat on Sunday, we are sure Ammoudi Bay has a city victory in him, particularly in the off season during these winter months.

Congratulations to winning connections Price Bloodstock.

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