Overflow Miss overcome a slightly awkward get away from the barriers to get the win at Stawell on Friday. The plan prior to the race was to jump and be in a forward position however after being tardy away, Joe Bowditch had to settle further back than anticipated. Overflow Miss was able to get a nice enough run throughout, she started making her run from 600m mark in a three wide line. She did a terrific job to keep finding the line, circling the field as she did. Overflow Miss doesn’t like to be cluttered up in among other runners, she prefers clear galloping room which she had. Still doing a couple of things wrong such as hanging in, it was great to see her break her maiden status.

With the win on the board and looking like being a stayer in the making, Overflow Miss can continue to make her way through the grades.

Congratulations to the winning connections.


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