Hughie only knows one way and that is to jump and run. Yesterday at Ararat he was able to continue running to secure his first win of his career.
Bred by Ian and raced with a group of his mates, it was a great thrill for the ownership group. It is always great to get a winner but when it is one you have bred yourself there is that something special about the victory.

Hughie isn’t the easiest horse to ride, an absolute delight on the ground, he has the perfect manners but under saddle he likes to get things over and done with quickly. In his trials and early career starts it always seemed there was ability there, it was a matter of getting Hughie to execute it on race days. Yesterday under Dean Yendall, Hughie seemed to settle a touch better having the lead on his own. There was nothing alongside him making him travel to hard which gave him the ability to kick off the bend when Dean asked him too. The second placed horse managed to run the margin down to two lengths but Hughie was full of running.

Congratulations to the winning connections.


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